Personal Training

FXT (Functional Cross Training) Personal Training is a revolutionary, routine-busting approach to Total-Body Fitness that involves multi-plane, multi-disciplinary and multi-muscle workouts. This involves personal programmes which are designed around your goal(s) to improve fitness, lose body weight and body fat, increase lean muscle, strength, power, speed, flexibility and endurance.

FXT Personal Trainers design exercise programmes and routines that strengthen the whole-body using a very balanced training approach geared towards your specific goal(s). By training the entire body to maximise performance and movement, each of the specific muscle groups needed for precise skill are improved. The fitter and stronger your entire body is, the better your results will be.

We guarantee a challenging, highly motivational but enjoyable exercise experience that will elevate you to new levels of strength and fitness. Regular health and fitness testing is carried out to support your goal(s) and to ensure that you are making good progress.

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