Challenge Your Limits

FXT Challenge

Virtual Fitness Challenge

Virtual challenges improve your mental and physical health, aid weight loss and help prepare you for multi-sport events.

Join us to get fit and raise funds for Corsham Crafty Hub while having fun!

Run, walk, cycle, swim, or row (or a combination of any or all) your chosen distance over the course of a 28-day period. This can be done outdoors, in the gym, or both

How to enter

  • Sign up at a cost of £15 and choose your preferred challenge and distance, which challenges your limits and pushes you beyond your comfort zone.  Challenging your Limits will help you achieve your goal(s).
  • Encourage your friends and family to support your challenge by sponsoring you – all money raised will go to Corsham Crafty Hub (please note that sponsorship is voluntary).
  • Sponsorship can be in cash or online through GoFundMe
  • Log updates weekly on our Facebook page for support and motivation from our personal trainers.  (Remember to keep a log of your distance completed, either with screen shots of your tracker app showing distance, or even just on a spreadsheet).
  • Complete your challenge strictly within 28 days of your start date.

When you complete your challenge 

  • Submit your evidence log to FXT by email to
  • Hand in your sponsorship money and receive a voucher for a free 1hr FXT obstacle session (valid for 12 months and subject to booking).
  • Receive an awesome, unique, hand-crafted medal made by crafters at Corsham Crafty Hub, provided you’ve completed your challenge within the timescale as above.

Tips to help out with your challenge

  • Why not meet up with others and do the challenge together.
  • On completion of your challenge meet up for food and drinks to celebrate and discuss your experience, and your next challenge! 
  • Do a challenge with a group of people e.g. your family, work colleagues, sport clubs etc